Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Walking Can Help Increase Your Creativity

Walking can help unleash your creativity, help you solve problems and sort through your thoughts. Besides the many health benefits of walking, can be a relaxing format to study and dissect ones thoughts. Through many personal experiences of my own this has assisted me greatly. Just today I was out for stroll struggling to think of a subject to write about, and it suddenly hit me, as many things has done during my walks around my apartment complex.

How is this so? I can only speak for myself that it has to do with disconnecting with ones current problems, we can sometimes get so bogged down by many things such as a stress and daily life issues that may occur. Walking acts as a anecdote in this sense, taking us out of our offices, classrooms and allows our heads to breathe. A walk gets us out of our standard places, as we are interacting with the world new images, thoughts and ideas can pop into our heads, as long as we let it come.

For a writer or critical thinker this can get our creativity juices flowing once again, and can elevate ourselves to a different level of thought, new ideas and thoughts come to me in my walks sometimes more than others, but I can attribute many views and actions as a result of walking.

Walking can also increase one's motivation, I have always felt invigorated after a short walk makes me want to write, and significantly increases my mood and my outlook for the day.

Walking among other things, can help control your blood pressure, maintain weight and lowers your risk of stroke.

So much can be gained for the mind body and spirit even if you are not much of a fitness person, walking is free, simple, and can open your mind so why not give it a try? Theirs even more benefits of walking listed here.

Walking isn't the end all solution, but can be a great assistance to ourselves when we run out of ideas, writing prompts and free writing are also great alternatives.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Book Review Round Up: 8/16 - 8/23

Since the success of my last weeks post, I figured I would continue the traditlion weekly, highlighting the new book reviews that I find on the web, here is this weeks list:

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The Lateiner Gang Book Review Spot - "Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow" by James Rollins : Review

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Book Review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist - A Novel By Mohsin Hamid


In no book in my recent memory, have I recalled a book that has so much in so little as this one does. At less than 200 pages, Mohsin Hamid creates a story with as much character, heart, and wit as longer novels. Along with an engaging and unique writing style, creates a truly memorable experience for the reader.

The entire story is told from a cafe in Lahore, Pakistan,from a second person narrative. Our protagonist, Changez meets an American tourist and discusses his entire story.Changez, a Pakistani who immigrates to America at the age of 18 to attend Princeton and subsequently moves on to a high paying job to work for a New York evaluation firm leading up to 9/11.

And that is where the story begins,taking us through his job, his relationship with the much trouble Erica, and how the recent political happenings drastically change his life.

The characters are well designed but the center piece of the show is Changez,we really get inside his head and his story is quite believable. This is an attribute to the author as he made a ivy league grad with a envious starting salary, great looks and personality, really come off as sincere, but also with the many problems that end up around him, we feel a bonding with him, which great writers achieve with their characters.

The writing is engaging, you feel Changez is having a conversation with you which adds to the connection. However you would never confuse his talking in this book with a real life conversation, as due to the restrictions of the narrative mode,he must say everything for everyone essentially, so it could come off as feeling a bit gimmicky.

The book wishes to defeat stereotypes about Muslims as it is plainly stated in the book. But it does not, as some of you may be thinking, turn America completely against Changez, quite the contrary, Changez after 9/11 and other experiences, changes his view about America, its patriotism and its foreign policy, ultimately leading to a very different life for him.

In conclusion, you would be hard pressed to find such an intriguing and emotionally enticing book as this in such a short fashion as this one. A great story for any book reader.

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